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PLAYDATE! Free Third Sundays at Sugar Hill Children’s Museum

Celebrate poetry and the magnificent legacy of poets from Sugar Hill and beyond with the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum! Join us for a FREE day of storytelling, art-making workshops, exhibitions, and more!

Activities include:

On-view NOW, The Salon
Children are encouraged to crawl and engage with installation by artist Shinique Smith and think about our inter-connectivity and role in waste production. Deslízate y pasea por el laberinto creado por Shinique Smith a la vez que descubres el papel que jugamos en la producción de basura.  Learn more >

On-view NOW, The Legacy
Enter Chester Higgins Jr.’s world through his breath-taking photographs of Africa, the Americas, and Harlem. Entra en el mundo de Chester Higgins Jr. a través de sus asombrosas fotografías de África, las Américas, y Harlem. Learn more >

On-view NOW, The Living Room
Immerse yourself in the visual narrative of Northern Manhattan, featuring artists Lucia Hierro, Robert Pruitt, Freddy Rodriguez, and Fernando Tamburini. Sumérgete en la narrativa visual del  Alto Manhattan con los artistas Lucia Hierro, Robert Pruitt, Freddy Rodríguez y Fernando Tamburini. Learn more >

10am-5pm, Studio Labs
Inspired by the guiding question, ‘What does it mean to be a global citizen?’, our Studio Labs have been transformed into an exhibition-inspired light installation and material exploration space. Children are encouraged to explore their sense of self-determination and community through individual and collaborative work. Inspirado en la pregunta- ¿Que significa ser un ciudadano global?- nuestro estudio ha sido transformado en una instalación de luz y espacio para explorar elementos derivados de las exhibiciones de arte. Los niños están invitados a explorar el tema de la auto-determinación y la comunidad a través de proyectos individuales y en colaboración. 

10am-4pm, Reading Nook
What do you need? In partnership with Urban Soul Alliance, a non-profit organization promoting equity through the arts, share with us what you need from our space, our community, our family, our friends, and our country. Your contributions will inform future public art projects hosted by this organization. ¿Que necesitas? En colaboración con Urban Soul Alliance, una organización de sin fines de lucros dedicada a la promoción de la igualdad en las artes, comparte con nosotros que necesitas de nuestro espacio, nuestra comunidad, nuestra familia, nuestros amigos, y nuestro país. Sus contribuciones informaran futuros proyectos publicos de arte auspiciados por la organización.

1-2pm, The Living Room
For more info, click here.

Cuéntame un Cuadro at Word Up

Cuéntame un Cuadro (Tell Me the Story of an art work) is a story-telling program in Spanish for families with children ages 5 to 9. Discover fun facts about Hispanic art and culture while you learn and create together.  The Hispanic Society Museum and Library is closed for renovations, but their programs—like Cuéntame un Cuadro—are moving to different spaces around the community. Other dates in this series are April 29 and June 24.

Topsy Turvy Thursdays at Sugar Hill Children’s Museum

Who knows what will happen next?! Join in the story making and build on tales that can only take the shape of a child’s imagination, with our very own Carletta Walker.  Book worms can enjoy our weekly Story Hour program every Thursday and Friday! The intimate storytelling presentation features a solo performer with roots in the community delighting our ‘little audience’ with a participatory and lively program. Performers have included Laura Bowman, Flor Bromley, Daniel Carlton, Alison Cox, Kelley Kelley, and Carletta Joy Walker.

Storytelling is the oldest and most powerful means for sharing history and values, and for encouraging imagination in young children. And it’s one of the pillars of learning at Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling.

Performed through a variety of methods, our storytellers engage children in the timeless oral tradition as well as through the arts of theater, movement, music and film. Children are encouraged to reflect on what they hear, and to author and share their own stories—a practice that builds language skills, critical thinking and confidence.